Did you know derby is WAY more than just skaters?

Meet one of our wonderful photographers- CT Scan!

When did you first start photography?
In 1958 my mom used her S&H Green Stamps to get me a Kodak Brownie camera. The pictures I took were terrible. I did extra chores at home & babysitting in the neighborhood to earn money for film and processing.

How did you first get involved in derby?
I was at an informal camera club gathering upstairs at the Co-op Jan. 2014. Pat Devine and Craig Spannring mentioned they were leaving early to shoot the Gallatin Roller Girlz practice and said I should come give it a try. And now we’re starting our 5th season photographing the Girlz; it’s as exciting for me now as it was the first time I walked into Bldg 2.

What is the most challenging aspect of photographing derby?
Lighting & Shutter Speed. I’m always learning how to produce a representative photo when lighting conditions change depending on where I point my camera & in the case of Haynes Pavilion, are any of the bay doors open which will flood my light meter with inaccurate readings. Is my shutter speed faster enough to stop the action yet slow enough to let in the proper amount of light to prevent out of focus photos? I will be practicing the dance of light and speed to my grave!

How is derby different than you expected? What is something you think most people don’t know/appreciate about derby?
I didn’t know roller derby was also on a flat track until I saw GRG skate. The general public may not know how community driven and supportive these fierce women are. I was born and raised in Washington & my mom was from California. I spent every summer in the Bay Area with grandma/grandpa and aunts/uncles from the age of 3 until I graduated high school; so thankful for those fantastic summers. I learned to roller skate at an Oakland rink to the Hokey Pokey when I was 4; my uncle would take me and my cousins to watch the Bay Area Bombers (we kept it secret from grandma!). They skated on a banked track & the bouts were very physical; use of elbows & skaters flying over the rail was the norm. Sometimes the bouts were co-ed.

What is your goal when taking photographs?
My goal is to have fun, learn and tell a story. Part of that fun is shooting practices, scrimmages & bouts with Pat, Dave, Shelli & (Craig before he turned to “stripes”, Bob prior to moving to OR). They’re great folks to hang out.

What are some of your favorite non-derby things to photograph?
Landscapes and wildlife, candid shots of people, and nightscape photos in Yellowstone.

Do you have a favorite GRD game or event that you’ve photographed?
I’d have to say all the Girlz bouts are my favorite. A memorable event was when the 406 Brewery sponsored the Post Bout Stout Release fundraiser in Dec.2014. Marcie asked if we would be interested in running a slideshow of our bout photos and setting up a photo booth. Not knowing much about the technical nuances of a photo booth I decided to take candid photos of all the attendees; girlz, family members, kids, babies, friends, fans. They turned out to be some of my favorite photos. Such a fun time!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
My superpower would be to turn back the clock; if I were 20something I’d put on some outrageous knee-highs, slap on the gear and play with the Girlz!

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