Southwestern Montana's Roller Derby League


GRG Documents

Documents required to be signed for participation with Gallatin Roller Derby. Please download and fill out all applicable items prior to practicing with Gallatin Roller Derby.

GRD Membership Packet– Please download and fill out all items prior to practicing with Gallatin Roller Derby. Includes Indemnification, Skater Information, Medical Information, WFTDA Membership Release, Code of Conduct and Harassment Policy. Signed copy must be returned to Membership Committee.

WFTDA Insurance – Skater insurance is MANDATORY anyone participating on skates with GRG. Due annually. Price is $75. Must be a dues paying Gallatin Roller Derby member to apply. Online Purchase information available by emailing our membership committee at General information on the policy can be found here.

UNDER AGE 21 Members – NO Underage Alcohol Policy – Required to be signed by skaters under 21 and witnessed by a board member.

Fresh Meat Survival Guide – Not required but good information for becoming a new skater with Gallatin Roller Girlz

Pregnancy Indemnification and Release – Required to be signed by Physician.  Only available to Black Diamond rated skaters and Above.  Please refer to Membership Policies for additional information.

League Policies

These policies affect all Gallatin Roller Derby members, skating or non skating, and are incorporated as part of the Code of Conduct.
  • Membership Policies – Leave of Absence Policy | Financial Hardship Policy | Pregnancy Policy | Injured Skater Policy – For skaters that wish to maintain team status when taking a leave of absence due to personal or economic hardship issues.
  • Training Policies – Requirements for passing skater skills testing. Requirements for boutability.
  • Attendance Policy – Attendance requirements in order to bout.
  • Sponsorship Policy – Regarding rules and regulations for identification and approach to potential league sponsors.
  • Fundraising Policy – Regarding rules and regulations for Gallatin Roller Girlz fundraisers.
  • Media Policy – Regarding rules and regulations for contact with the press and media regarding Gallatin Roller Girlz
  • Community Relations Policy – Regarding volunteer opportunities and efforts of Gallatin Roller Girlz
  • Referee Policies – Regarding all aspects and angles of being a referee with Gallatin Roller Derby, including training, attendance, LOA, dues, committee involvement, ability to referee home and away bouts.
  • League Relations Mediation Policy, Form & Q&A – To be used to provide a safe and effective forum for addressing differences between league members in an objective and non-biased manner.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy– Policy affecting board members and elected officials. Required to maintain non-profit status. Board members sign an annual statement in regards to the policy.
  • WFTDA Policy – Governing Gallatin Roller Derby’s communications with WFTDA.
  • League ByLaws