Featured Skater: C-Wrecks, HNSO

Gallatin Roller Girlz continues our Featured Skater series with an interview with C-Wrecks.  We’ll miss her amazing baking skills and Head NSO leadership skills as she heads southward to start a new adventure in awesomeness.

Derby name: C-Wrecks

How did you find out about roller derby?
There was an article in the BoZone (I think) about 6 years ago. Seemed like a good idea.

What kind of skating skills or athletic experience did you have before starting derby?
The last time I had skated was at a friends 13th birthday party, aside from that illustrious skating pedigree I grew up playing sports – soccer mainly with some rugby seasoning.

How did you chose your derby name?
A previous boss came up with it. I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me. And it’s a dinosaur and a pun. Triple entendre! You can’t go wrong.

What is your primary position?
HNSO (Head Non Skating Official in non-derby speak).

What is your greatest strength as a skater?
I can hit like a ton o’ bricks.

What do you contribute most to the team?
I’m strangely good at everything that being an HNSO entails (at least I hope!), I missed skating so I started reffing as well, I’ve helped coach Fresh Meat, and I’m full of the greatest jokes no one should ever hear cause they’re terrible.The jokes are probably the most valued part.

What has been your greatest experience on the track?
Just being a part of the giant family that is derby. Seriously – if you need anything in another town/state, contact the local team/s. We’re moving soon and people that I’ve only met a couple times are offering to help.

What are you looking forward to the most this season?
Seeing the fresh meat integrate into the team and watching them kick ass.

What do you contribute to GRG off the track?
Dinosaur facts. And a ridiculous amount of unpaid time. It’s totally worth it.

What do you do in the non-derby part of your life?
I work in the lab at F-11, and enjoy photography and being social awkward.

If you could have any super power what would it be?
Maybe to fill things, real and metaphorical. Seriously – bank account empty? Fill it. Cookie Jar empty? Fill it. Brain empty of the ability to read Arabic/Spanish/French/another language? Fill it. (That’s how brains work. Don’t argue.)

What’s the one piece of advice you would give people interested in playing roller derby?
It’s hard. It’s fun. It might be for you, it might not be. You can be a skater, you can be a ref, you can be an NSO. The time is going to pass regardless, why not try? At the least, you learned how to skate. And at the most you’ve joined derby!