Featured Skater: Rin Reaper

©2017 GRG Derby

Next up on our Featured Skater series is our very wonderful Rin Reaper.

Derby Name: Rin Reaper #225

How did you first find out about Roller Derby?
My husband brought home a flyer he had seen, knowing I wanted to meet some people, since we had recently moved to town. I was very excited and knew I had to check it out. That was back in 2012.

What kind of skating skills or athletic experience did you have before starting derby?
I played hockey throughout High School and some college, as well as volleyball. I’ve played and been involved in various other sports my whole life. I love trying new athletic challenges.

How did you choose your derby name?
Picking a derby name was one of the hardest things about joining roller derby for me… I just found it hard to pick just one. My nicknames through most of my life have been variations of Rin, since my name is Erin. I tried to do a spin off that. I was almost “Grim Rin.”

What is your primary position?
I mostly jam, but I started out as a blocker and jammer.

What is your greatest strength as a skater?
I have been told I am versatile.

What do you contribute most to the team?
I always try to remain positive and chill, I really like to bring my teammates up if it is the least I can do.

What are you most looking forward to this season?
Playing derby with my friends and watching our new teammates come into their own and honing their newly learned skills. Oh…and not being pregnant this season 😉

What do you contribute to GRG off the track?
I make the MVP awards, coach fresh-meat, volunteer when I can, and am on 3 committees. This team requires a lot of off skates work to keep it up and running, I don’t do nearly as much as some people on this team. We love our volunteers, they make it possible.

What do you do in the non-derby part of your life?
I have a bachelors degree in art and work from home mainly on commission work. I do a lot of portraits, and work mostly in oil paint, pastels and ink. That is what I try to accomplish while staying home and caring for my almost 3 year old, and 9month old sons full-time. Derby is “Mommy’s time to get out.”

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
To be able to time travel (fly on the wall style). I would love to see the world in different eras!

What’s on the one piece of advice you would give people interested in playing roller derby?
Be prepared for intensity (physical and mental), it can be a seriously rewarding sport, but you gotta work for it.