Fresh Meat Boot Camp – Starts January 6th!

Thinking of trying roller derby?  Interested in being involved in one of the fastest growing women’s sports in the world?  Join Gallatin Roller Girlz for our brand new Fresh Meat (i.e. new skater) Boot Camp!  This 8 week program runs from January 6 – February 27 and costs $100.

Gallatin Roller Girlz is piloting the Fresh Meat Camp program as we venture away from our yearlong open enrollment structure in an effort to better support our new skaters as they embark on the journey of learning to derby.  A ground level curriculum, the Fresh Meat Camp is designed to ‘bring up’ and ‘graduate’ a full class of skaters into contact level skating with your league.  During the 8 week camp, a full curriculum of basic skills will be taught followed by our Snowflake Assessment (i.e. passing to contact rated skater).  Skaters will then be enrolled in another 8 week program that teaches the finer nuances of the sport including blocking and strategy – Derby 101.

The Gallatin Roller Girlz will offer this Fresh Meat Camp twice yearly during our ‘shoulder season’ during winter and again in the autumn.

**All new skaters must graduate from a Fresh Meat Camp in order to skate with the league.  Exception to this rule is preexisting contact rated transfer skaters from other leagues.  Please see transfer skater policy for details.

Highlights of the Camp

  • Eight Week Coached Program
  • Mondays 7pm-10pm & Thursdays 7pm-9pm at Buildings #2&#3 at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds
  • Program runs from January 6-February 27th
  • Open enrollment January 6-16, 2014.  Preferred that all skaters start during orientation on January 6.  Show up Jan 6, 9, 13, 16 at 7pm at Building #2 & #3 at 901 N Black to sign up.  Bring gear if you have it.  Contact us on our Facebook Page if you’ll need to borrow Try Before You Buy Gear.

Cost is $100 and includes all coaching, WFTDA skater insurance and access to GRG’s ‘Try Before You Buy’ gear*.

*Try before you buy gear will be available as usual, first come first serve, with expectation to own their personal gear upon completion of camp. 


8 thoughts on “Fresh Meat Boot Camp – Starts January 6th!”

  1. I’m interested in the roller derby, I want to try something new. do we have to be a certain age to enter? and I dont have $100.00 until end of January, would there be a way to split the payments over a few weeks? also what would I need for gear? I have inline skates.


    1. Hi Maggie. We’d suggest that you come to the January 6 session 7pm-10pm at the Gallatin Fairgrounds Building #3. We can figure out splitting up the payment – you will need to purchase insurance online at $65 after the first two sessions. The remaining $35 can be paid during the course of the camp. Please check out our FAQs page about gear – you can skate on roller blades only if you intend to be a referee. Quad skates are required to skate as a league skater. You must be 18+.

      1. Hi there! This has always interested me!!!! And I am super excited to have the opportunity to become part of the team! I haven’t skated in years though! Does the boot camp start at teaching you how to skate…then working up to where you are supposed to be? What can I expect at the camp?

        1. Yes – boot camp uses a ground up approach. Once you’ve completed the 8 week course (which is completely non-contact) you’ll test basic skills and then advance into another 8 week course that teaches strategy and blocking skills. Come by our meeting from 7pm-9pm on Monday, January 6 at the Fairgrounds to get the nitty gritty specifics.

  2. Is it too late to enroll in the camp? It looks like I already missed a session.
    Thank you,

    1. We’re still enrolling – stop by either Monday the 13th at 7pm at Exhibit Building #3 at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds and/or Thursday the 16th, same place same time. Thursday the 16th is the cut-off.

  3. This is Mike, I was at your practice last Thursday, I will not be able to make a practice this week, but should be back on track next week. I know this is set up as a progressive training camp, but I would like to start up again next week. Keep in mind that I live in Butte, and am trying to help Angie Wells bring this back to Butte to start our own team.

    Let me know if I can continue next week.


  4. I just had the pleasure of seeing you girls play at your home bout on May 24th. It was amazing and I had a blast! I currently live in Great Falls, and I’ve spent a few months training with the Electric City Roller GrrrlZ. My family is looking to be moving back to the Bozeman area after a 2 year hiatis probably sometime in July. I’m hoping to get in on your Fresh Meat Boot Camp. How soon will that be happening? Also, is there a place you all skate when you’re not practicing for derby just to work on skating and footwork?

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